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 SKA Tournament Rules

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PostSubject: SKA Tournament Rules   Sun Nov 09, 2014 12:11 pm

I: Official Tournament Regulations

  • Players must follow the KDE OFFICIAL TOURNAMENT DOCUMENTS.
  • The SKA Game Master Team attempts to follow all of those rules as closely as possible for all Official Tournaments and Events.

II: During a Tournament

  • Any of the following rules MAY be overridden by the rule book of an official tournament; however, these are the default if no conflicting rules are specified.
  • All matches must be held in the Advanced Unrated section of DN allowing watchers without a password.
  • All participants are required to submit Side-Decking screenshots as well as Victory Screenshots after each round to the Game Master in charge of the tournament.

    • Refusal to comply may result in a disqualification or nullification of the match results.

  • If the official banlist changes, the tournament continues with the initial Banlist. (Any necessary proxies would be announced.)
  • If new cards are released or game rules change, the tournament continues using the card pool and rules it started with.

III: Inactivity and Disqualifications

  • Inactivity is treated as being offline for at least 36 consecutive hours for all General Tournaments with no attempt made to contact the opponent within a reasonable time.

    • Inactivity will result in a matchloss

  • During a Live, a Gameloss is enforced for each 10 minutes of offline time.
  • Dodging will not be tolerated. If proof can be provided of continuous dodging, then the opposing player will be disqualified from the tournament.
  • If a participant is permanently banned while participating in any SKA Tournament, they are immediately disqualified.
  • If a participant is temporarily banned, normal inactivity rules apply.

    • No participants may evade a ban applied during a tournament to continue participating in that tournament.

IV: Disconnections

  • A game loss is enforced in almost all cases involving a player dropping out during a duel for whatever reason
  • The following cases result in the nullification of the game instead:

    • It can be determined based on public knowledge that the player who disconnected was going to win DURING that turn or the turn directly following.
    • Advantage was favoring the disconnecting player to the point where 2 perfect draws in a row could not prevent the disconnecting player's victory.

  • If the disconnection occurs during siding, the match resumes from the point at which the disconnection occurred.

This rules are meant for Dueling Network.
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SKA Tournament Rules
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