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 SKA Testing Rubric

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PostSubject: SKA Testing Rubric   Sat Nov 29, 2014 1:12 pm


SKA's testing system is following TCG ban list in the current format, You're allowed to use TCG cards only. TCG Rulings applied!

Overview Of The System:

The testing system for Supreme King Duel Academy is divided into three sections, which consist of:
1. Two match duels which have a point total of 50 points each. (You can pick YGOPro/DevPro version or Dueling Network as a dueling platform either for both matches or for one on each.. etc)
2. A rulings questions sent to you by the tester or an admin via PM after you have made your testing post. The questions are worth 5 points in total, but that can be the difference between dorms.

The dorm entry requirement are as  the following
(the test worth of 105 Points)

Obelisk Blue has an entry minimum of 95 points
Ra Yellow has an entry minimum of 75 points
Slifer Red is anyone who did not achieve higher than 74 points

Duel Rules: (Applied for both matches)


  1. Controlled Infinite Loop (Life Point loops, ATK/DEF loops, etc.)
  2. Mill (Empty Jar, etc.)
  3. Burn (Chain Burn, Pure Burn, etc.)
  4. Alternate Win Condition
  5. Stall
  6. Lockdown (Intent to prevent the opponent from performing any action)

Do not, under any circumstances OTK your tester!

Game Options:

Default options

Forbidden List: Latest banlist
Allowed cards: TCG
Additional Options: Use TCG Ruling
All other options should be set as default.

1-Using banned decks will give you 0 in the deck construction.
2- Using the same deck in both matches will lead to giving you less points on deck construction.  

Second Match Rules:

1-Dueling Network 

-After the second match, you'll be PM'd a ruling question by your tester.
-There will be 2 points bonus for good attitude, so be nice with your tester to gain them.

Requesting a test:

You must post a thread with all the required information on posting your test:
(Duel System Chosen)

After you post your test, be online the chatbox and when a teacher is around link him to your test!

Scoring: [50 points per match]

Match Results: 15 points
Part of your score will be based on the results of the duel.

X = Lost
O = Won
Losing a match [X.X.N/A] = 0 points 
Losing a match [O.X.X] = 3 points
Losing a match [X.O.X] = 7 points
Winning a match [O.X.O] = 10 points 
Winning a match [X.O.O] = 14 points
Winning a match [O.O.N/A] = 15 points

Note: Quitting the match: 0 points

Deck Construction: 15 points

The second part of your score will be based on your deck's construction.

Deck Consistency and Synergy: 5 points
How consistently your deck performed and can hypothetically preform
Deck Performance: 5 points
How tactical your deck can perform and did preform
Creativity and sophistication: 5 points
How unique your deck is (i.e. not meta or netdecked)

Performance : 25 points
General evaluation/ misplays/ good comebacks/ side decking etc.
All should be mentioned here, and a tester will show why he/she did take/give points.


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SKA Testing Rubric
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